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Frequently asked questions

We try to answer as many questions as possible you may have about Pure Life Soil products. If you have additional questions
that we haven't answered please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact page.

How much of the worm castings should I be using per plant?
We recommend that you mix 20% worm castings with 80% soil. However, if you plant needs immediate support or it is too late to create a mix, simply apply 2 teaspoons or tablespoons of worm castings to the base of the plant depending on the size and age of the plant.
How long until I see results from worm castings?
Just about immediately! Your plants will start showing results within one week. If the plant is suffering and is malnourished, apply a tablespoon of worm castings and some water to the base of the plant and watch it raise!
What amendments do you use?
We use the highest quality ingredients to get the perfect growing medium. We include 15-20% of worm castings in our potting and garden mixes along with sphagnum, peat loam, and plant-based compost. The potting mix also includes perlite. A list of ingredients/amendments that we use are: Perlite, Vermiculite, Zeolite, Sphagnum, Alfalfa Meal, Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Insect Frass, Langbeinite, Peat Loam, Dolomite
Which mix is best for cannabis?
We recommend the living soil mix as it is certified organic and includes many amendments to help all types of plants.
Are you certified organic?
YES! The worm castings are certified organic by Pro-cert Organic Systems (Canadian) and OMRI (American), and our living soil is Pro-Cert certified. Our other mixes have not yet been certified organic as we have not applied for it, but we can assure we only use organic components.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards through the website or over the phone. We also accept E-transfers via e-mail or we can apply payment in person.
What are your delivery fees?
Our delivery fees are generated at checkout and are dependent on the zone you live in. The zones are based on distance from the warehouse.
How do you handle refunds, returns and/or exchanges?
We currently deal with exchange returns and refunds on a personal basis and encourage customers to be patient as the results are worth it!