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Organic Aged Bark Fines - 1 Cubic Yard


Made up of primarily spruce pine, Pure Life Aged Bark Fines have been aging for over 10 years and offers versatile applications as both a soil amendment and mulch, particularly well-suited for enhancing flower beds. When deployed as a soil amendment, these fines enhance drainage, introduce organic content, hosts an abundance of beneficial microorganisms that turn fertilizer and minerals into plant available nutrients, and contributes to the maintenance of soil acidity due to their lower pH, making them a perfect match for plants that thrive in acidic environments.

Furthermore, Aged Bark Fines stand out as a superior choice for mitigating weed growth. The fines, when utilized as mulch, form a protective layer that not only retains soil moisture but also acts as insulation, safeguarding against extreme temperature fluctuations with only an 1 inch application!