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How Much is Too Much? How Worm Castings Affect Plants.

How Much is Too Much? How Worm Castings Affect Plants.



They say it’s better to have more than to not have enough, but is the same true when it comes to worm castings? Worm castings encourage plant growth, they are extremely high in nutrients, and they assist with hydration and aeration for your plants, flowers, and even lawn. Worm castings are like the black gold of the agriculture industry as they provide endless benefits without the harmful toxins and pesticides that fertilizers have. With that being said, unlike chemical fertilizers, worm castings won’t harm your plants regardless of how much you add. The chemical fertilizers over time burn your plants roots and affects the overall soil health of your garden, making it more difficult to grow healthy and happy plants in a damaged environment year after year. As the worms purify soil, producing worm castings, they are creating the safest and most favourable solution for your growing needs.


The process of making worm castings is referred to as ‘vermicomposting’ or ‘vermiculture’ and PureLifes’ Premium Organic Castings come from our friends, Canadian Nightcrawlers. Our many species of worms each produce castings with specific characteristics. They trap carbon in the castings they produce which helps enrich the plants roots. The inclusion of any amount of worm castings can help with plant growth and fighting off any diseases that your plants may face.


The photo at the top of this blog post is of a small container garden we are growing at home, all plants of which are rooted and flourishing in PureLifes’ Premium Organic Worm Castings. The plants were potted just a mere week prior to taking this photo and they range from thyme, rosemary and basil to peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. As you can see, the plant superfood that we provide at PureLife Soil improves seedling growth. Therefore, in all cases, it is better to have worm castings than to not have them as they act as a natural fertilizer including micro-organisms that promote healthy soil which lead to healthier plants.


*Note – although we are growing our plants using PureLifes’ Premium Organic Worm Castings alone, we do recommend using our Premium Potting Mix as it includes 20% worm castings, plant-based compost, sphagnum moss, peat loam and perlite. Reason being is that the perlite included helps with further aeration between the soil and roots, bringing even more benefits to your container gardening!