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How the Benefits of Worm Castings go Beyond Your Garden.

How the Benefits of Worm Castings go Beyond Your Garden.



There is a big elephant in the room, and I wanted to address it; earthworm casting is just a fancy way of saying worm poop. Yup, worms digest soil in order to create a rich, super-charged organic matter called castings. The castings are incredibly rich in nutrients. These include minerals and trace elements, which surprisingly have more uses than solely garden use. As worm castings have a neutral pH level of 7.0 and include beneficial elements, the castings can be used for various objectives in addition to enhancing your garden.

Soil has many different uses. First, soil is extremely powerful.  It can be used to naturally filter and purify water, soil can be a source of fuel, it can be used to make earthen utensils, building material and much more. Nutrients are recycled in soil and allows gas exchanges between land an air. One can use soil for composting food waste and material in their own home. Composting reduces greenhouse gasses, supports the greening of communities, and your plants can benefit greatly from the rich nutrients composting provides. In addition, the organic material provided can help renew and rejuvenate malnourished soils and plants. One can even practice vermiculture by adding worms to the compost to produce nutrient-dense worm castings. As worm castings contain beneficial microbes which help plants, it can also be beneficial for skin as well.

As worm castings work to rejuvenate your plant and soil, one can apply a mixture to their face and body to experience the benefits themselves. The castings are composed of many beneficial elements such as copper peptides, auxins, cytokinin, and many others which work to stimulate healthy cell growth, collagen production, hydration; all of which are associated with anti-aging. Not many people

Think about your plants… what helps the cells grow? What prolongs their life? What keeps them firm and rich in nutrients?

Now think about your skin… and be amazed that worm castings can bring the same benefits to your skin as it does to your plants.


PureLife Soils 5L bag of worm castings is perfect for making your own facial masks or to even get started on making your own vermi-composting farm!

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